Divorce Strategies: Beware of The social media trap

Beware of The social media trap

Are you aware that your private photographs, exclusive boasts and videos of you snorkelling with your new partner whilst on your luxury holiday in the Caribbean can all come back to bite you if you are going through divorce proceedings.

The explosion of social media united with its accessibility by smart phones and IPads allows us to update every aspect of our lives at any given moment, but with this comes a price if you are going through divorce proceedings as pictures and posts are becoming ever 

popular as evidence in divorce cases.

Like many of our clients, if you are going through divorce proceedings, either as the petitioner or a respondent you must think very carefully about your online presence (or bragging as some might call it!) Most people are unaware, (until they come to Pinder Reaux & Associates) that all such evidence may be admissible in a court of law during divorce proceedings. If you are concerned about protecting your finances during divorce proceedings, and you believe your finances should be protected in the event of a divorce, then think twice before announcing to the world that you are spending all of your money on a round the world trip with your new partner or uploading your photographs on dating websites stating that you are young, free and single.

It is easy to post photographs on Facebook of your latest romantic break in the Maldives and declare your undying love for your new partner on your status; it is easy to brag about your new well paid, high flying job on your LinkedIn profile, but beware this may be used against you in your financial  proceedings within your divorce as the wide spread distribution of this traceable data is shared publicly and becoming very popular as admissible evidence in Court. 

It is not only divorce cases that are impacted by social media, children cases can also be significantly swayed by social media evidence. Whether it concerns your ability to look after your children whilst you are uploading various photographs of having a good old boozy time with your new partner, or your new job listed on professional networking sites whilst you are in the midst of a dispute concerning child maintenance proceedings. Your movements may be being followed by peering eyes in order to be utilised to your ex’s advantage in divorce and children proceedings, which may not only affect your credibility but also your wallet!

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Simone Barton

Pinder Reaux & Associates