Finances & Divorce- The Lucrative World Of Football Can Play Havoc With Your Wife

The Lucrative World Of Football Can Play Havoc With Your Wife!

So, Brendan Rodgers is currently in the middle of sorting out the messy financial side of his divorce.

Apparently he has amassed a property portfolio of 102 houses and after a 20 year relationship of which they were married for 13, Mrs Rodgers is naturally after a piece of the empire…not just a piece though, half of the complete empire.

Rodgers reportedly earns around £5 million a year and may earn in the region of £20 million by the time his current contract with the team expires in 2018 – this is all future earnings, but very significant information where a divorce is concerned.  Yes, there are rumours that an affair brought the marriage to an end, but when it comes down to it, all this means nothing when the financial split is being considered.  All that matters is cold hard facts of what makes up the matrimonial pot.

Mrs Rogers has already sought court assistance to arrange maintenance from her estranged husband, with her lawyers stating how sad matters had become, when after a lengthy marriage – Rodgers could not even pay sufficient levels of maintenance.  These are dangerous words and dangerous grounds that divorcing couples can get to – a point where the court is asked to intervene and determine what a ‘reasonable’ level of maintenance will be for the soon to be ex-wife and what will be taken in to consideration?  Everything that Rodgers earns and has built up.  The fact that the family may not have lived a particularly luxurious lifestyle will also not really play a huge factor – the soon to be ex-wife will now need a significant amount of money to support herself whilst the main case is being decided.

Divorces can turn messy – with all manner of laundry being aired and then reported in the press.

Whether your financial standing is big, reasonable or small, the manner in which your divorce is handled is vital.  Be smart, act quickly and try to knock matters in to a settlement before the world and its brother becomes aware of all you have.  Having an effective strategy in place before you even start divorce proceedings is often the key.  Unfortunately, for many divorcing parties, simply going along with the flow brings nothing but anxiety and stress…and very often, a huge whack to the wallet!

Rupinder Bains

Managing Director

Pinder Reaux & Associates