For All Adult Film Stars – Copyright is Everything

For an adult film star, your image and your brand are everything. The manner in which you act is unique and therefore subject to copyright protection. This is particularly apparent to girls working on ‘call in shows’. Your copyright is exclusive TO YOU: it belongs TO YOU, and you make money out of it. Money is received by you from the company that you contract with, often the same company that operates and manages the ‘call in shows’. You often receive royalties on the sale of your videos, your pictures and your one to one interactions with your loyal fans. This is the nature of the business.

However, worryingly, a new trend has now emerged where third party websites record your acting and then post it on their own websites as a separate and unique ‘adult offering’, COMPLETELY unbeknownst to you. Such action has the effect of diluting your brand, and causing you a direct loss of earnings as the users of the third party website may be paying that website to see your acting, but you are getting a big fat ZERO of that money – because what the third party website is doing is unlawful and amounts to copyright infringement – this fact is inescapable.

Just like music artists such as Prince can sue for breach of copyright for illegal sharing of their music, and producers such as Quentin Tarantino can sue for breach of copyright for illegal posting of scripts online, your copyright is no less valuable: it has the same protection.

You need a robust lawyer in place to monitor and take action to protect you from such copyright infringements, otherwise you will find your direct earnings falling rapidly, simply because users can see you on other websites and portals which may offer your images, videos etc cheaper or even free on some occasions, because of the simple fact that they are not paying you your share of the royalties. An adult film star’s career can be short and allowing copyright infringement such as this to go undetected and unabated will shorten your career even further and seriously affect your earnings.

We at Pinder Reaux are pleased to confirm we have successfully acted for adult film stars in the past to prevent such copyright infringement and dilution of brand, and therefore WE CAN and WE WILL help you to protect your brand, your earnings and your career.

John Spyrou

Director, Pinder Reaux & Associates