Have You Or Your Business Received A Bad Review Online?

'Fraud, scam, liar'

The internet is undoubtedly the main forum for posting reviews.  Trip Advisor, Yelp, Money Saving Expert and not to mention the many blogs set up specifically targeting a company or service provider – the list is endless and the truth is, that in this digital era, there simply is no escape from material being posted online about you, whether good or bad.

The good reviews and comments are valuable, but the bad can bring a business to its knees.  Being branded a ‘fraud, scam, liar’ and having such comments come up when a potential client or customer carries out an online search about you, can very quickly lead to a loss in sales and difficulties in closing deals.

Being one of the leading internet law firms, we see this happening time and time again.  The drain on your business, the stress on you as the owner of the business: having to explain to potential customers why this negative review features so highly on the internet is something you can definitely do without, but very few business owners realise that this is a situation that they do not have to live with.

With a strong legal team to support you and an effective strategy in place, it is possible to have negative comments and reviews removed in many cases and sometimes, without even setting foot in court!

By engaging in effective communication between ourselves, third parties and sometimes, even the poster(s) themselves, we have succeeded in taking down over 95% of the bad reviews and comments that we are instructed about.

Being a business ourselves, we understand the huge part the internet can play on your lives and we know just how quickly bad news can spread.  That is precisely why we have a team dedicated to acting fast and with precision.  We understand the importance of your livelihood for you and your family and we understand the impact of negative information online.  There is no need to take the stress of online abuse targeted at your business. Speak to our internet law team in confidence and let us help you.

Rupinder Bains

Managing Director

Pinder Reaux & Associates