‘I will just quit my job and then you will have to pay for everything!’ - Are you prepared for the spouse who is just on the take?

 Are you prepared for the spouse who is just on the take?

Most individuals going through a divorce, will have heard this threat in one way or another from the lesser earning spouse.  The truth is, there is every possibility that this can turn in to reality.  You could end up working all the hours to support your ex-spouse and kids, only to live a frugal life yourself.

How can this possibly be fair?  The legal system, when it comes to the issue of divorce, will always consider the NEEDS of the lesser earning spouse and the children.  You will always play second fiddle to some extent and this is why it is vital to ensure that when going through the financial aspect of a divorce, the expectation of seeking and maintaining employment by the lesser earning spouse is built in to any settlement or Court order.

A spouse cannot voluntarily become unemployed or ‘underemployed’ – just to be able to turn to the other spouse for more maintenance.  A strong enough legal team will spot this deliberate act a mile off and will make sure that the Judge calculates your maintenance obligations as though the ex-spouse was in employment and earning a reasonable income.

Just how to do this and how to present your position and your ex-spouse’s to make sure that you are not squeezed for every last penny is something that we can help with.  To leave this matter simply in the Court’s hands is far too dangerous.  Protect your future income position and make sure you are left with finances to move on and enjoy your post-divorce life.  Speak to the family team at Pinder Reaux and put the right strategy in place at the right time.


Rupinder Bains

Managing Director