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There’s Always Someone Watching….

David Cameron has today revealed his intention to ban communication services like Snapchat, WhatsApp and iMessage if they continue to be encrypted from the security services.

Snapchat, WhatsApp and Apple's iMessage all encrypt their messages making it impossible for governments to look at them.
In the wake of the Paris shootings, the Prime Minister would ban these services in an attempt to open up all forms of online communication to the security services

It all comes down to the reasons for it and explanation of it.

Newspapers hacking Milly Dowler’s phone to sell newspapers and make money is clearly not ok. The government having the power to get hold of e-mail conversations between suspected criminals that may lead to lives being saved is fine by me. 

The issue I tend to have is the hypocrisy that exists between protesting about there being too much monitoring of e-mails, phone conversations, social media - and then demonstrating when police fail to arrest someone who they had prior information on and who went on to kill someone or commit a crime. We expect our government and law enforcement teams to keep us safe, yet object when they require information from us in order to do so.

It's not about being paranoid, it's about having the choice of whether you give your information or not. We all enjoy the ease that paying with cards affords us; we all enjoy the internet to communicate with friends and family and to show off about how great our lives are. We enjoy checking in on Facebook and Instagram to post pictures and we choose to be compliant in things that we like and enjoy and make our lives easier....but then complain when we don't like the side effects of those. 

We all have a choice in the way we communicate and live our lives. Personally, I have no issues with the government (or whoever) knowing where I live, what I buy, where I drink, who I e-mail and the websites I frequent. But if I wasn't happy with that, there's a pretty easy solution. Just don't live your life through those mediums.

Alex Taylor

Trainee Solicitor

Pinder Reaux & Associates