Trip Advisor, Twitter, Google Blogger and Facebook – Platforms for Current Day Online Defamation

In this day and age blogging platforms are the norm if you want to get your opinion ‘out there’ – be it on travel, football, big business or your friends. These platforms are part and parcel of the ways in which we communicate  – and there can be no argument that they fulfil their roles, and allow us to communicate in the modern era. However, their inclusion into our modern life has seen a more sinister side revealed – endless possibilities to defame a business, a boss, a colleague or even a person who once felt they were your friend.

Here at Pinder Reaux as specialist internet lawyers, dealing with online defamation for our clients on a daily basis, we understand the unlawful uses that these platforms can be put to, they can be used as speakerphone for online defamation, reaching out to millions of other internet users. 

Tripadvisor is sometimes unlawfully used by competitors to post fake reviews defaming hotels, restaurants and attractions in competition with them. Google Blogger, one of the planet’s most widely used blogging tools, is often used to create blogs unlawfully describing companies and individuals as scammers, fraudsters, and thieves. Twitter, can be used as a tool to defame individuals via the creation of fake accounts and or the posting of libellous material. And Facebook the platform where conversations can quickly become unlawful slanging matches. All of these are examples of how these tools can be used to publish and publicise online defamation

Although the platforms do sometimes take action to remove unlawful online defamation following a complaint, the action is often not swift enough, and the removal not sufficient to mitigate the damage already caused to a business or an individual’s reputation. The platforms often make arbitrary decisions about what online defamation to remove and what to leave online, from the thousands of requests received from the public each and every day. The way to properly protect your reputation is to ensure that you retain the services of a specialist internet lawyer, such as Pinder Reaux. Having worked with these platforms for number of years, on a daily basis, we know how to get online defamation PERMANENTLY REMOVED and PERMANENTLY DISABLED. We know WHO to demand removal from, WHEN to demand said removal and HOW to structure and package a removal request to achieve results, and in turn the platforms know that we do not make speculative requests and when we issue a ‘cease and desist letter’ demanding removal of online defamation – we want action immediately – we do not mess around!

We are not suggesting that people stop using the platforms, but please be aware that if you are the victim of their sinister side and the publication of online defamation do not bury your head in the sand hoping it will go away – IT WON’T. Contact us here at Pinder Reaux, we can help and we will help you protect your online reputation.

John Spyrou
Head of Internet and Media Law