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How defamation Lawyers categorize defamation

When someone damages your reputation as a business by creating a bad impression of you using broadcasts or writing about you, it is called defamation.  This covers both libel and slander claims. Libel covers physical publications such as allegations posted online, or broadcast on TV or Radio which are ‘permanent’, compared to slander, which covers gestures and/or spoken words which are communicated personally.



London defamation lawyers’ time limits to claim for damages

For London defamation lawyers to help you claim for slander or libel damages, you must bring forward this claim within one year from the date of publication. Exceptions are made if the court decides that there were valid reasons for not claiming damages before the given year. 


How London defamation lawyers define a defamatory statement

A statement is considered as defamatory if it:

Encourages hatred, contempt or ridicule towards you
Belittles your profession, business, office or trade in any way
Inspires others to shun or avoid you
Damages your reputation in society


What London defamation lawyers need to take into consideration

When making a damages claim, defamation lawyers in London will need to take into account the full context of the publication, not simply the offending words. They will also need to consider any ‘hidden’ meanings known by those involved to establish the true meaning of the statement made.


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