Divorce Splitting Aspects


Religion as a divorce splitting aspect

Religion, for many couples, is as highly considered along with other divorce splitting aspects, such as the secular aspects of divorce. The religious element of marriage will however be of as much importance to some couples as other divorce splitting aspects such as property of finances. 

To ensure that your marriage is recognised and valid in the UK you must fulfil the both the marriage divorce splitting aspects, religious and civil.  Equally you need to ensure that any impediment to remarriage within your religion is removed by your civil divorce. Specialist lawyers can advise you on religion as a divorce splitting aspect as well as other secular aspects.


Roman Catholic divorce splitting aspects

Divorce splitting aspects for Roman Catholics include consideration of requesting annulment of the marriage rather than divorce, to stop issues if one of the parties wishes to marry again. There is no guarantee of the success of annulment decided by a Tribunal but some examples of grounds for annulment include the wife-to-be being pregnant at the time of marriage, where a spouse has interfered with the religious upbringing of their children or the decision to marry was hasty


Divorce splitting aspects – the procedure of annulment

The initial application for annulment is processed by a Parish Priest or Deacon after being determined by an Ecclesiastical Trust. They will provide you with an enquiry form and further guidance. Witnesses are required, as well as the opportunity being given to your former spouse to be involved. Tribunals must agree on the annulment for it to be valid.


Other divorce splitting aspects to be considered

Timescale is an important aspect to consider for divorce and annulment. It can take up to two years or longer to process. All accompanying documents must be given with the marriage certificate for the divorce to be decreed by the court. Cost is another of many divorce splitting aspects to take into account, with divorces costing anything from £500, and annulments within the Catholic Church costing around £750, with at least £500 paid directly by the applicant.  Other divorce splitting aspects include children – who they will live with etc., as well as annulments regarding children as legitimate even with the marriage nullified.

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