Divorce and Finance Strategies for an Effective Outcome

Divorce and Finance Strategies for an Effective Outcome

One way of achieving success in your divorce matter, is to formulate an effective strategy to tackle the case before you and this is where we come in.

Strategic Planning - Divorce

A lack of strategic planning in divorce can very quickly and easily lead to a drainage of emotional and financial resources which will inevitably make recovery from the divorce more difficult. This applies to ALL levels of income, but in particular to high earners and those with a high earning capacity.

Let’s be honest about this. The importance of strategic planning in divorce is often being overlooked and very often it is completely absent in divorces cases, regardless of who the parties are or the extent of their wealth.

Clear goals and strategies are essential to your success in virtually anything in life and the lack of goals and strategies, almost always leads to a disappointing outcome, if not to a financial and personal disaster.

In divorce, what matters the most is not necessarily how much money was spent on legal fees by the time the divorce was concluded, but rather how this amount of money was invested and whether or not your investment has landed you with the desired outcome.

In short, most people want their investment to get them to where they want to be as quickly and as safely as possible.

Putting in place winning strategies and following a clear plan to help you achieve your desired result, be it a favourable financial settlement during your divorce or to secure residence of your child, will almost always enhance your ability to achieve your desired outcome from your divorce because in a divorce, like in life generally, we are all far more likely to arrive at our desired destination faster and safer working with a plan, than without one.


Consider this

If you still feel unsure about the link between the outcome of your divorce and your strategies or the lack of them, then consider this fact:

Most shoppers go to the supermarket to buy their weekly groceries armed with a clear goal and a defined plan. They have a budget, of let’s say £100 and a list (written or unwritten) of needs. Their goal is to purchase the required groceries within their budget. Their strategy in achieving their goal is to walk through the supermarket isles using a system which they have developed and to pick up along the way the products on their list, keeping an eye on the budget.

The rest of the shoppers, who do not fall within this category, are normally the ones who almost always return home with the wrong items, having forgotten to buy the items which are far more needed for their survival and well-being. This category of shoppers will almost always be worse off financially, often very substantially, and the result they have arrived at will be far more inferior to the outcome achieved by the many shoppers who did use a plan, even unconsciously.

Now you can see that there isn’t necessarily a correlation between the amount of money you may spend on your divorce and the outcome which you arrive at. Ultimately this means that most of the time, it is the STRATEGY which makes the difference between success and failure rather than the amount of money spent.


Gain control over your divorce

Setting long term strategic goals for the conduct of their divorce enables most people to gain control over the process, so that they can influence the outcome of almost each and every aspect of their divorce.

Knowing, understanding and planning every step of your divorce, from the outset, will give you a clearer path to follow allowing you to protect what is yours.

Setting out financial, commercial, and personal goals as early as you can in the divorce process is likely to turn out to be one of the most decisive factors in determining your success in progressing from the divorce. From a strategic point of view, the lack of planning and an absence of clear strategy will always increase the likelihood of failure and its magnitude, regardless of who you are or your current financial position. To put it bluntly, lack of strategic planning in divorce has cost some wealthy individuals many millions of pounds and has resulted in a complete emotional breakdown for others.

We believe in a no-nonsense approach to uncooperative spouses and the lawyers who represent them, and never take prisoners, but this by itself still might not get us far enough without a good plan.

The advice that we give is stretched far beyond considerations of ‘pure’ legal issues or factors. It takes into account your personal circumstances and your long term aims and goals.

We help you identify those aims and we keep you focused on achieving them. We apply a logical and practical approach to your divorce, and stay sharply focussed on helping you attain your goals.

Call us now on 0208 252 7373 to start applying strategies to your own divorce. We provide an initial consultation in person or on the telephone at a fixed cost of £313, which is backed by our unique money back guarantee offer.

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