Financial Settlements on Divorce

Sorting out and dividing the assets of a marriage, including pensions, capital and future income (in terms of maintenance) is very often the most complicated and most important aspect of a divorce.

Dealt with in the wrong way and you could end up losing assets accumulated from years of hard work, stress and sacrifice. There is a common misnomer about the financial drain involved when instructing solicitors to resolve the financial aspects to a divorce. However, the truth of the matter is that if tackled correctly and at the correct time, instructing a good, confident firm of solicitors should actually save you money in the long term.

Read about Pinder Reaux’s unique approach in tackling your financial settlement in divorce and our personal service in completing financial documentation.

The Family team at Pinder Reaux have years of experience in dealing with ancillary relief applications (the formal terminology for the financial aspect of the divorce) and we have built up a trusted network of contacts in this field to ensure that we are able to formulate effective strategies from day one, making sure that you have the best chance of securing yourself a settlement from which you can plan for your future.

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