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Civil / Commercial

We offer a specialist team of civil and commercial litigation solicitors that are ready to handle both straightforward and complex contractual disputes, including:

  1. Contractual Disputes in the small, fast and multi track Courts.
  2. Claims brought the in High Court, specifically the Technology and Construction Court and Patent County Courts.
  3. Claims for injunctive relief.
  4. Claims for specific performance of contracts.

Our track record of success in Construction Disputes, for a number of leading global construction companies, allows us to properly understand the nature of construction disputes, which differ from normal civil/commercial litigation disputes. We have represented and have been consulted on disputes involving parties concerned in construction matters relating to the 2012 Olympic sites. It is our pleasure to offer specialist advice in areas of adjudication, arbitration and enforcement. We pride ourselves in being pro-active where cases of civil litigation are concerned. A lawyer that rests and relaxes, and allows the other side to breathe easy is unlikely to achieve a good result for their client.

Aside from being familiar with the law, a good litigator must be able to exert pressure on the other side by means of the civil procedure rules. We at Pinder Reaux, due to our strategic planning and substantial experience have honed the ability to deal with matters by means of summary judgment and other interim applications, thereby concluding cases, to our client’s satisfaction in an expeditious and economical manner, often without the need for a full trial.

We offer a robust, expeditious and cost effective method of debt recovery for our commercial clients. Bad debt, if left unmanaged, can become toxic to a business; please do not let it get to that stage. We have strategic legal solutions to recover bad debt, and are able to offer our clients an average recovery of at least 80% of all debts owed.

Call our civil litigation experts on 0208 252 7373 or if you feel that you need some time to organise your thoughts before you speak to us, ask us to call you back at the most convenient time for you and we will take it from there.

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