Intellectual Property

To all inventors, entrepreneurs and business owners, what is the most important intangible aspect of your business? The answer? It’s intellectual property. Although, intellectual property is not something that can be seen, touched or weighed, it is often the most important asset of a business.

Just think about some of the world’s biggest brands and biggest celebrities, and what comes to mind? Apple – the apple logo (a registered trademark) and the IPhone (which contains 200 patented processes and inventions). Nike, the tick (a registered trademark), the slogan “Just do it” (a registered trademark), the lyrics for Rihanna’s new song (copyrighted material). This is just a small example of how important and how valuable intellectual property is. Just as any business insures its assets; it must ensure that its intellectual property is fully protected and safeguarded.

At Pinder Reaux, in our specialist intellectual property team, we handle all types of intellectual property, including:

  1. Applications for registered trademarks in the United Kingdom, in the European Union and Worldwide trademark applications.
  2. Patent applications to cover the protection of inventions, services and unique processes.
  3. Copyright applications for the protection of unique material, including songs, lyrics, music and other artistic content.
  4. Breach of trademark actions including passing off actions.

Intellectual property protection requires a specialist. Get the protection of your intellectual property right in the first instance and it will be arguably the biggest asset your business has. Get it wrong and you will forever be looking over your shoulder for a competitor, or employee who may be savvy enough to take advantage of your intellectual property.

Please call us now on 0208 252 7373 to discuss your intellectual property requirements now.

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