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In an emotionally difficult time, your head may not be in the right place to deal with how to calculate a fair financial settlement in your divorce or breakdown of a civil partnership. This is why we’ve compiled a number of easy-to-follow tips and guidelines to help you decide what’s fair for the both of you.


Know the law

Are you a man seeking a divorce? Do you want to know how to find the best divorce lawyer for you, and then here is some advice on how to go about it:


If you and your spouse have just decided to divorce, here's a warning: telling your friends could cause you a lot of pain. However, once you know that the divorce is definitely going ahead, you should make that news public, LoveToKnow advises. Here are some steps that you can benefit from taking in order to minimise inadvertent struggles or shocks as the news breaks.

When should you tell your friends?

Choosing the right attorney during a stressful time isn’t easy. Here are five things you should take into account before hiring…

You should shop around

Here at Pinder Reaux, we aren't about only providing dry legal advice or adhering to traditional legal practice. With each case that we handle, we provide bespoke advice and guidance - and we have a long history of providing legal representation. Our notable clients have included the late "Oxo mum" actress Lynda Bellingham, as the Daily Mail has reported. Below, we outline our services.

Internet / Media Law

If your company becomes subject to a corporate investigation, it’s understandable that you may feel considerable stress. After all, the outcome of the investigation could profoundly affect your company's reputation or future, so as soon as an investigation is opened, you should draw upon appropriate legal expertise.

In this article, we will look more closely at corporate fraud and how you should react if your business is suspected of committing it.

Corporate fraud in a nutshell 

'The internet never forgets' is a common saying in the 21st century, and it's easy to see why. Search engines have become so good at trawling the internet to find the most relevant content that they can easily drag up results from years ago. Some of these results may contain old or irrelevant information, or they may even contain questionable information about you.

Divorce: The impact on your children


If you choose to divorce a partner with whom you and your children live, you will likely be concerned about how the divorce could affect your little ones. It indeed warrants careful consideration; however, educating yourself on the various steps of legally catering for your children’s needs after divorcing can help to minimise the impact on them.


How you can agree on arrangements


As borne out by some extremely damning statistics, domestic abuse remains one of the most pressing issues in today's world. According to charity Living Without Abuse, domestic abuse will affect one in four women and one in six men in their lifetime, while on average, two women are also murdered a week, and 30 men a year, as a result of domestic violence.

Director disqualification is a harsh reality for anyone to face, not only will you have been through the ignominy of your company failing, followed by lengthy investigation by the Insolvency Service, and then likely formal proceedings by the Secretary of State, you then find yourself disqualified for a lengthy period of time, which consequentially curtails your ability to work. This could bring you to an all-time low. However, there is light at the end of the particularly bleak looking tunnel, which is what we at Pinder Reaux have recently achieved for our clients.  


Sports law isn’t commonly talked about, but is an incredibly important and useful facet of the legal system. Whether representing a high-profile sports club, a governing body, a sponsor, or a smaller profile player or club, sports law is integral to the sporting industry.

The world of sport is incredibly popular, and followed by millions around the world. There are certain standards that should be upheld during matches, events, tournaments and more, and if these standards aren’t maintained, then there could be a law suit for a sports lawyer.

The ins and outs of the divorce process can be unpleasant to navigate. However, that process can be much smoother when you and your partner carefully plan out who will get what. There are many assets that you will have to account for, but various factors can influence how you should deal with each of these. Let us clear a lot of the confusion…


How easy should separating the finances be?



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