Bad News For Record Companies

The Irish High Court has ruled that the country's laws forbid Internet service providers from suspending access to alleged file-swappers. The ruling was announced following a law suit by a local Internet Service Provider, UPC. The Irish Recorded Music Association previously sought a Court order to force UPC to hand over personal details of those the Association, which represents the major local record labels in Ireland, suspected of file sharing.

Irish internet users, who unlawfully download music, will now escape the prospect of having their internet connection disconnected. As this nuclear weapon of having the internet connection cut off for those who are suspected of file sharing has just been taken away from the Irish music industry, the Irish record labels who have so far concentrated mainly on enforcement, will have to rethink their strategy. Similar controversial powers have been enacted in the UK recently by the Digital Economy Bill and it remains to be seen what stance the UK courts will take once a similar case arrives at their door step.

Pinder Reaux & Associates