Facing a corporate investigation? How to deal with corporate fraud

If your company becomes subject to a corporate investigation, it’s understandable that you may feel considerable stress. After all, the outcome of the investigation could profoundly affect your company's reputation or future, so as soon as an investigation is opened, you should draw upon appropriate legal expertise.

In this article, we will look more closely at corporate fraud and how you should react if your business is suspected of committing it.

Corporate fraud in a nutshell 

Investopedia provides a definition of corporate fraud, explaining that it "consists of activities undertaken by an individual or company that are done in a dishonest or illegal manner, and are designed to give an advantage to the perpetrating individual or company".

The site further explains that these schemes can be complex and economically affect the perpetrating company, other employees and even outside parties.

Investopedia also cites the potential difficulty of preventing and catching corporate fraud. However, by putting in place the right policies, physical security and a framework of checks and balances, your business can restrict the extent of any corporate fraud.

Furthermore, the government has recently shown a willingness to get tougher on tackling this kind of fraud. In May, the Ministry of Justice said that it would consult on plans to “extend the scope of the criminal offence of a corporate ‘failing to prevent’ beyond bribery and tax evasion to other economic crimes.”

How our expert legal team can help

While it is one matter to prevent future incidences of corporate fraud, it is quite a different matter for your business to be faced with an ongoing corporate fraud investigation. The good news is that we have solicitors on hand who can help to guide your firm through such a situation.

While organisations like the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) and the serious fraud crime units of the police could take action against you, our corporate fraud solicitors here at Pinder Reaux have the strength to represent you.

We can take care of all aspects of your defence, including representing key members of your management and personnel should they be called upon for initial interview at the police station. We can also prepare a thorough analysis of the case facing you and, should you be charged, represent you at court.

As the investigation continues, we can also limit damage to your company's public image, thanks to our considerable know-how and experience with the press. Indeed, we can also turn to some of the best city PR firms in our mission to maintain your firm's place in the most favourable light.

Take comfort when you utilise our services

As you prepare to tackle a corporate investigation, it should be of great reassurance to you that Rupinder Bains, the head of our Corporate Fraud department, is a qualified Solicitor-Advocate with over a decade’s experience of Crown Court advocacy. By perusing more of our website or getting in touch with us, you can learn even more about our formidable credentials for fighting corporate fraud cases here at Pinder Reaux.