Financial Settlements on Divorce – Made Easier

When things eventually come to the ‘crunch’, when all the talking is done, inevitably divorce proceedings are issued and you are immediately faced with the overwhelming task of dividing your matrimonial assets with your soon to be ex-spouse, in order to achieve the right financial settlement for you. Where do you start? The decisions that are made at that point, and the subsequent financial settlement arrived at, could impact on your financial position for the rest of your life and this is why it is absolutely essential to make sure that you get this stage right, from the outset. If you are going to do one part of your divorce properly it is the disclosure of assets stage.

Whether the financial proceedings are in the domains of the court, or being dealt with voluntarily, unless you are able to make an offer to your soon to be ex which he or she cannot refuse, you will find yourself faced with completion of a financial statement (Form E). Now, this is not a simple task: 28 pages of probative, difficult questions dealing with your assets, investments, income, properties, liabilities, future income and capital needs – a task that can and will consume you.

You are busy and your spare time is limited. Whatever time you do have, you hardly want to spend pouring over historical bank statements, pension letters and investment portfolios. We understand this. Whether it is because your career or your business is taking you all over the globe and demanding all hours of the day, or because you are juggling, work, children and day to day tasks, we, as your legal team, can take care of this task for you.

At Pinder Reaux, we have a dedicated team of specialists who work solely on financial settlements. They know what they are looking for and what is required for completion of the Form E. The number of times our clients have told us that they have started the task, only to become frustrated, confused and tired and then simply giving up; waiting for another day when they feel motivated enough to finish the damn form. We will send a team of 2 specialists to your home or work place to just get the job done, and get the form completed, therefore removing this laborious task from your ever growing to-do list.

We believe we are the only firm of solicitors to offer this service and as such, we have discovered the value of the sheer stress relief that can achieved by having us step in at this stage. This type of service is indicative of the strategic way we think about all our clients and their individual circumstances.

Simply lead us to your paperwork and we will extract the necessary information. We attend with the goal of completing your Form E and compiling the bundle of documents that need to go along with it and all you need to do is go through the form with us when it is completed. In one sitting, we will make sure that the task is completed. Our clients have praised this service, as with our team in attendance, you cannot escape the task and neither can you put it off to that other day which never seems to come round.

The importance of getting your documents in order at the earliest juncture cannot be stressed enough. Strategically, it is vital: the only proven way to stay ahead in the proceedings. Many of our cases settle at the early stages because of our pro-activeness and early engagement in the proceedings. Do not just bury your head in the sand, no matter how much more attractive that may seem! Tackle it head on. But here is the difference with Pinder Reaux – with us, you are not alone in this task. We are truly on your side and we will not leave you to collate and complete what could be the most important financial document of your life.

To provide you with confidence in the service we deliver, the financial settlement team are happy to offer this service on a fixed fee structure, based on an initial review of your asset and income position. Having this personal service will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that the task is done and will allow you to carry on with work and your daily life without being a constant cause of stress and worry.

Ultimately, it gives you the chance to place yourself firmly in the driving seat of your divorce and achieve the financial settlement that is right for you. Can you really afford to take the risk of losing all that you have built up during your marriage? Having the Pinder Reaux team on board is a small price to pay in comparison to your future financial security.

Speak to us in complete confidence on 020 8252 7373 and find out more about this unique service.