Internet Defamation: Who Decides What People Read About You On The Internet?

Someone somewhere, right now has access to information about you or your business. Try searching for your name on Google. What have you found? I’m fairly certain that within the first 50 results; there was a reference to you or your business, unless you are one of the few individuals who have seemingly fallen through the net.

Whether it’s a directory website, or a mention on a social network, somebody somewhere has made a reference to you. This information may be viewed by as many people who are interested in you or in your business and what they see will depend on a number of factors. The main factor which determines what people view and read about you on the internet is who was responsible for posting the material.

Be proactive, and you can determine what information will be revealed about you or about your business during an internet search. Be inactive or indifferent and there is a good chance you will wake up one day to a reputational disaster. Like it or not, internet exposure is no longer a matter of choice for most people. Leave it for others to do the job for you and you may end up paying a heavy reputational price for your inaction.

What your potential customers and leads read about you, will influence their decision on whether to use your services in the first place. Long term neglect is likely to result in a gradual reduction in sales, not just because it leaves you vulnerable and exposed to negative posts by others, but also because you will be missing an endless number of opportunities to promote your business whilst your competition may do exactly that.