Our Quick Guide to Our Services

Here at Pinder Reaux, we aren't about only providing dry legal advice or adhering to traditional legal practice. With each case that we handle, we provide bespoke advice and guidance - and we have a long history of providing legal representation. Our notable clients have included the late "Oxo mum" actress Lynda Bellingham, as the Daily Mail has reported. Below, we outline our services.

Internet / Media Law

Our media law and Internet law teams work closely together, taking account of the natural crossover between these two aspects of the law. Areas of media law in which we can provide solutions are defamation, intellectual property and privacy law. Here is a recent example, as reported by i News, of advice that we have provided regarding privacy law. We also have a team who specialise in preventing harassment - both traditional harassment and that taking place online.

Family Law

While many, more conventional law firms might address divorce matters by just adhering to the legal procedures, a voluntary or court-appointed timetable and routine correspondence, here at Pinder Reaux, we can adopt a less orthodox approach to tackling your divorce issue. We can help you to benefit from more control and certainty and a clearer strategy at an emotionally trying time. You can take more control of financial settlements and issues affecting your children.

Sports Law

Our sports lawyers can advise sportspeople at amateur, semi-professional and full professional levels, helping them to address matters including training compensation, transfer disputes and disciplinary issues. We can also represent owners of football clubs at various levels from the Conference to the Sky Bet Championship and the Premier League. We employ registered lawyers who can protect sportspeople through negotiating transfer fees and contracts.


While corporate disputes, such as with other companies, state organisations or individuals, are inevitable, it is vital to deal with them speedily to prevent your company becoming disrupted and its finances becoming drained. Our specialist team in litigation and business law represent a broad range of enterprises, including sole traders and multinational corporations. We can help your business to handle disputes and litigation affairs commercially efficiently.

Business Services

At Pinder Reaux, we give businesses legal advice that is personalised, practical, honest and, especially vitally, business focused. We help our clients, which include successful business people in areas including property, commerce, insurance and media, by constantly linking them with each other and bringing them abundant business. We also advise them concerning business development and marketing strategies. We practice what we preach, with many of the techniques and strategies that we impart having helped us to gain a 500% growth in business.

Notary Public

To use a document abroad, whether to buy or sell land or as pensions documentation, commercial documentation or authenticated documentation for supporting emigration in foreign adoption matters, it is necessary for that document to be authenticated by a Notary Public. We can provide a Notary Public, whose seal and signature will validate your document for use anywhere on the planet.