Pinder Reaux Commission Online Abuse Survey

22nd May 2012


Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites are utilised by millions of people from all over the world; a fantastic mechanism for bringing, friends and family closer together and making communication so easy.

However, beneath the obvious benefits and advantages of this media, there lies a shocking realisation: a web of abuse and harassment is deep rooted within the foundations, becoming deeper and more entrenched, with very little being done to remove it.

Having taken on the matter of Nicola Brookes, we as a firm became aware of the extent of potential harm that can be facilitated by social media sites.

The trolling and desecration of RIP Facebook pages, set up in the memory of those who have lost their lives, as well as the well publicised matters involving Richard Bacon, Fabrice Muamba and Louise Mensche MP, led us to the decision to investigate just how prevalent this problem of online abuse really is.

The national survey, commissioned by us and undertaken by a market research company, canvassed the views of just over 1,000 men and women aged between 16-40 years of age investigated the prevalence of malicious communication by electronic media.

The results clearly show that online abuse is rife, but ordinary members of the public do not take action as they are just not confident in the abilities of the Police to treat the matter seriously. A summary of our research findings are as follows: