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John Spyrou speaks to the Voice of Russia, on personal freedom and Internet data protection.

Click here to listen: 

Pinder Reaux & Associates

John Spyrou interviews with FHM "Watch What You Tweet" What you say online can land you in hot water. Read the interview here:


Rupinder Bains, managing partner at Pinder Reaux speaks to BBC Radio on High Court Landmark ruling against Facebook. Listen to Rupinder speak about the landmark ruling against Facebook.

Click here for the clip: Nicola-Brookes-BBC-Radio-Sussex-160512 Part1

Rupinder Bains appears on BBC East for her expert opinion on Online Defamation and Harassment regarding internet trolls. Click below to see Rupinder give her opinions on online defamation, internet trolls and our landmark case.

Pinder Reaux's own John Spyrou was invited to give his expert opinion on Radio Leeds regarding the current issues of online defamation and freedom speech on Facebook and Twitter click below to hear the interview.

Click here: John Spyrou Radio Leeds

Pinder Reaux & Associates

After an article posted in the Evening Standard claiming how our UK libel laws are in such a state our own John Spyrou writes a pointed rebuttal which was published on 08 August 2012.

Pinder Reaux & Associates obtain a victory over cyber bullies full article here.

Pinder Reaux & Associates (formally Bains Cohen) acted for Nicola Brookes in a land mark case against online Trolls read the story here:

The Employment Rights (Increase of Limits) Order 2007, which details the annual inflation-linked increase in limits on the amounts which can be awarded by employment tribunals, was made on 18 December 2007 and applies where the appropriate date falls on or after 1 February 2008.

The main increases in compensation limits are:

As specialist defamation solicitors, we at Pinder Reaux read the recent High Court decision pronounced by Mr Justice Tugendhat in the Elton John v Times libel case, with interest.

Elton John brought proceedings on the basis of two articles published by the Times in June 2012 which concerned tax avoidance schemes.

Facebook has again been caught up in another breach of privacy row over the way in which it manages users’ data. This is an on-going controversial issue which does not appear to be subsiding any time soon.

In keeping with the recent spate of seeing literally more of the Royal Family than we ever have, Her Royal Highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (more regularly referred to as ‘Kate Middleton’) has now been caught sunbathing topless by the telescopic lens of a journalist. Not only was this an unwise course of action by the journalist, but for these photos to have actually been published in the national (albeit French) media is outrageous.

We have to put things into perspective here.


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