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In keeping with the recent spate of seeing literally more of the Royal Family than we ever have, Her Royal Highness Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (more regularly referred to as ‘Kate Middleton’) has now been caught sunbathing topless by the telescopic lens of a journalist. Not only was this an unwise course of action by the journalist, but for these photos to have actually been published in the national (albeit French) media is outrageous.

We have to put things into perspective here.

Any Google user knows that typing a search term into Google gives up a number of auto-suggestions i.e. if you type George you will get suggestions for ‘Michael’ ‘Clooney’ and ‘Harrison’, among others. For most people this is thought of as a time saving and expeditious tool to make online searching even easier. However, for others it can actually lead to some of the worst online defamation.

Let us not beat around the bush. London does have the label of being the number one city for bringing libel proceedings; this has in turn earned it the reputation of being the capital of ‘libel tourism’.

However in my opinion, many pundits has failed to mention the fact that many individuals and small companies are defamed on a daily basis and cannot afford not to defend themselves against these defamatory attacks. For such companies and individuals, their reputation is their biggest asset: it is their trust factor that helps them bring in and retain their client base.

National Media in the United States has today reported about Twitter’s initial refusal to abide by a request for information relating to an account used by an anonymous user, who threatened to blow up the theatre where Mr Tyson was performing a one man show.

Pinder Reaux are proud to announce that our senior Partner, Rupinder Bains has been named as Lawyer of the Week in both the Law Society Gazette and The Times, earlier this month.

The recent arrests and charges brought by the Police and Crown Prosecution Service, against Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson shows the seriousness in which the law enforcement authorities are taking the alleged issue of phone hacking by the ‘late’ News of the World.

Pinder Reaux are proud to announce that our senior Partner, Rupinder Bains has been named as Lawyer of the Week in both the Law Society Gazette and The Times, earlier this month.

This amazing recognition comes hot off the heels of achieving a landmark ruling against Facebook, compelling them to release information that could potentially lead to the revelation of the identities of online trolls.


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The recent case of Nicola Brookes has brought to the forefront of people’s mind an endemic issue that is occurring on the internet, and in particular on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter – that of online harassment. However, what constitutes online harassment? How bad does it have to get before it is considered harassment? Is it just individuals that suffer this?

A High Court Master recently granted an order compelling Facebook INC, based in Palo Alto California, in the United States of America to disclose all material relating to the identities of 7 offending trolls who harassed and abused Ms. Brookes online, via the Facebook Social Networking Site, over a period in excess of 9 months.

This decision of the High Court to grant such a disclosure order in a case concerning internet trolling is ground breaking.

Much has been made in the press this about the new proposals in the Defamation Bill and the fact that ISP’s, under new government proposals, will be required to provide victims with the identity of offenders who post abusive and defamatory online messages about them. This in itself is not technically true.


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