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When mulling over a potential divorce, a lack of careful planning can result in inadvertent emotional and financial ruin. At Pinder Reaux & Associates Ltd, we can help you to put together an effective divorce strategy – and so can the following pieces of advice.


Seek help from a marriage counsellor

Grandparents blocked from adopting their granddaughter

A recent case conducted in the Chelmsford family court has highlighted the longstanding and common misunderstanding that grandparents automatically assume the responsibility of their grandchildren and hold legal rights should their parents be unable to care for them.

The Lucrative World Of Football Can Play Havoc With Your Wife!

So, Brendan Rodgers is currently in the middle of sorting out the messy financial side of his divorce.

Apparently he has amassed a property portfolio of 102 houses and after a 20 year relationship of which they were married for 13, Mrs Rodgers is naturally after a piece of the empire…not just a piece though, half of the complete empire.

Divorcee Woman Receives No Pity From The Court

Online ‘cheating’ website hacked.

It’s Not Fair for Fathers…or The Children…

A common scenario, a couple have children and subsequently separate. However, a recent case which has been subjected to Justice Bellamy in the High Court is slightly more perturbing on its facts. 

Warning to all husbands! If you wash your hands of your family, you are likely to pay for it on divorce.

No one will feel the wrath of the divorce court more than Medic Dr Essam Aly, who was recently made subject to an unusual financial order upon divorce:  that his entire £560,000 fortune be given to his ex-wife, which is believed to be the first divorce case of its kind in this jurisdiction.

Enforcement of financial orders on divorce

Our newspapers regularly report on judgments handed down following ex-wives’ multi-million pound claims on divorce. What the newspapers less often report on are cases where the ex-husband (and it usually is the ex-husband) has to make payment following a court order, but fails to do so.  

Parental Responsibility – Fathers, do you know your rights?

Cohabitee’s beware!

A recent case which has been taken all the way to the Court of Appeal has raised the profile of the ever lurking legal issues for cohabitees.


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