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A recent European ruling in Estonia may cause website owners to sleep slightly less easy at night as the European Court of Human Rights has issued a ruling that indicates website owners may need to actively review and moderate their websites in order

In the last couple of days, there has been a significant amount of press coverage concerning the sick threats of rape that have been made initially to Caroline Criado-Perez following her successful campaign to have women appear on paper monetary notes and then the subsequent similar sick messages being sent to Shadow Crime Minister Stella Creasy – who backed Caroline’s campaign. The common denominator? Twitter. Twitter was the medium used by these ‘trolls’ as the means to convey their grossly offensive messages.

Questions have again been raised over the lawful use of social media following the serious threats of rape made against Caroline Criado-Perez, who campaigned to have women included on bank notes and recently succeeded in having

Photographer Robert Caplin has taken action following Perez Hilton’s alleged misuse of photographs that he took of ‘Glee’ Actor Darren Criss, which Mr Hilton published on his popular celebrity showbiz site,

The claim filed by Mr Caplin states that Mr Hilton published 14 images taken by Mr Caplin and embedded with Mr Caplin’s watermark, on his website without Mr Caplin’s permission. And to add further insult to injury, it is alleged Mr Hilton simply added his own watermark over the top of Mr Caplin’s watermark.

The recent conviction of Reece Elliott shows just how serious internet trolling can now be taken by the authorities, but the case also raises questions as to whether context, timing and scope of the allegedly ‘grossly offensive comments’ have a large scale bearing on whether the Crown Prosecution Service will actually prosecute for messages posted online, as so far, the prosecutions have been adhoc at best.

A recent ruling by the European Court of Justice, with regards to material available via internet search engines, has indicated that an internet search engine will never forget you, and furthermore that we have no right to be forgotten.

The recent proceedings issued by Paul Gascoigne against The Daily Star are illustrative of the fact that even the most talked about, or troubled celebrities have a right to privacy, and their private lives cannot simply be splashed across the pages of the tabloids.

A High Court Judgement handed down last week by Mr Justice Tugendhat in favour of Mr Cruddas in his libel battle against the Sunday Times has crushed the newspaper and blown their defence completely out of the water.

The old cliché of lawyers being risk averse is true…of most lawyers. But find a lawyer that is more of a businessman (or woman), who views the law as a vehicle for driving their own business forward, who recognises the need and importance of keeping up with the times, the importance of change and the importance of marketing and social media, and you would have sourced a very important business ally.

The ruling issued by the High Court today in the matter of Sally Bercow versus Lord McAlpine strikes a number of critical cords where the issue of online defamation is concerned.


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