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National Media in the United States has today reported about Twitter’s initial refusal to abide by a request for information relating to an account used by an anonymous user, who threatened to blow up the theatre where Mr Tyson was performing a one man show.

10th August 2012

Pinder Reaux are proud to announce that our senior Partner, Rupinder Bains has been named as Lawyer of the Week in both the Law Society Gazette and The Times, earlier this month.

The recent arrests and charges brought by the Police and Crown Prosecution Service, against Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson shows the seriousness in which the law enforcement authorities are taking the alleged issue of phone hacking by the ‘late’ News of the World.

25th July 2012


The recent case of Nicola Brookes has brought to the forefront of people’s mind an endemic issue that is occurring on the internet, and in particular on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter – that of online harassment. However, what constitutes online harassment? How bad does it have to get before it is considered harassment? Is it just individuals that suffer this?

A High Court Master recently granted an order compelling Facebook INC, based in Palo Alto California, in the United States of America to disclose all material relating to the identities of 7 offending trolls who harassed and abused Ms. Brookes online, via the Facebook Social Networking Site, over a period in excess of 9 months.

This decision of the High Court to grant such a disclosure order in a case concerning internet trolling is ground breaking.

Much has been made in the press this about the new proposals in the Defamation Bill and the fact that ISP’s, under new government proposals, will be required to provide victims with the identity of offenders who post abusive and defamatory online messages about them. This in itself is not technically true.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (known in less of a mouthful as ICANN) has announced the expansion of domain names that will be available for websites to purchase. On the face of it this sounds great, it means the expansion of the internet, the growth of e-commerce and frankly some of the domain names are quite humorous (.and being an example).

However, there is an underlying issue here that could seriously affect online defamation, this being the use of domain names such as .sucks.

22nd May 2012


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