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It is only when you wake up one morning to the devastating reality of seeing your business reputation being tarnished all over the internet that you can fully appreciate the benefits of having in place a reliable online reputation alarm system.

If you have experienced a reduction in sales, there is a chance this might be due to the current economic climate, or to the fact that your business marketing strategy has not been updated for some time to reflect the global economic changes of the past few years.

Jeff Clark, a husband and a father to three young children age 3, 6 & 10 has always loved cars. He has been fixing them since he was 12 and has worked in local garages around the Manchester area for many years now.

In our younger days, we have all done things which we ended up regretting. We have wronged people, we caused them upset. Guilty as charged. But no one can turn back the wheels of time and usually life goes on and people move on do to better and greater things.

Very often victims of online harassment, online intimidation and online defamation feel hopeless and powerless to act: simply scared and paralysed.

As a hospital administrator has become the first man in the UK to be jailed for stalking a woman by blogs, Pinder Reaux and Associates says that it seems that the authorities have now sent a strong message to all those who wrongly believe that the internet is a lawless land where stalking, bullying, harassment, defamation and blackmail are a fair game and have demonstrated that online harassment shall not be tolerated in our society.

11th March 2011

A Google Bomb. What a scary phrase. Surely you must have heard this term being used before and wondered what it actually meant.

Online reputation attacks could be significantly more powerful when videos are used.

6th December 2010


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