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 Are you prepared for the spouse who is just on the take?

Most individuals going through a divorce, will have heard this threat in one way or another from the lesser earning spouse.  The truth is, there is every possibility that this can turn in to reality.  You could end up working all the hours to support your ex-spouse and kids, only to live a frugal life yourself.

New proposals  to enhance the transparency of commercial dealings and accountability will see the Government actively ‘hunting’ directors accused of mis-conduct, under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 (‘CDDA’) and leave them potentially facing harsher penalties.  

 Now Things Have Got Really Interesting for Internet Law

‘Nauseatingly offensive’

In a move away from normal mainstream media concerning ‘Ri Ri’ and her hit music, or love life, reports are surfacing that she is being sued by her former body guard Geoffrey Keating, for defamation, for comments made about him which are described as ‘nauseatingly offensive’, by means of an email that Rihanna sent about him last year.


Pinder Reaux is delighted to announce the nomination of Rupinder Bains for the ‘Best in Legal Services’ award at the British Indian Awards, to be held at the St. Johns Hotel in Birmingham on 16th May 2014.

If we have heard it once then we have heard it 1000 times: we cannot recover our money because the directors of the company have placed it into liquidation. In this day and age this is a regular occurrence and can place creditor companies under extreme pressure, simply because money that they were relying on will now never arrive therefore squeezing their cash flow.


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