Legalisation & Consular Services

Some receiving jurisdictions may require your document to be legalised before it is sent over to them. This is a further stage, and in some cases, stages, that your document will need to go through before it will be accepted by the country that it is intended for.

Before a document is legalised, it has to be notarised. The document is then initially legalised at the Foreign and Commonwealth office and on some occasions, it then needs to be further legalised by the embassy for the recipient country.

There are different fees for each of these stages and if these processes are needed, we can provide you with the necessary details. We work very closely with agents who are on hand to ensure your documents are legalised without any inconvenience to you. We can work to very strict deadlines, on some occasions getting the notarisation and legalisations all conducted in the same working day.

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