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Social Media Lawyers


Benefit from our team of expert social media lawyers at Pinder Reaux

Get advice from Pinder Reaux’s experienced team of social media lawyers, who can help you to protect against online risk and create social networking policies. We work for clients from various different areas such as platform operators and publishers who utilise social media to deploy videos, audio and commentary generated by users, developers and authors using social media, companies with integrated digital marketing campaigns which use social media. 

We offer advice to clients with concerns about the use of their content in publications on social media platforms which could potentially damage their business reputation and affect profit. Our team of social media lawyers are experts in the new Defamation Act 2013 and its effect on social media and can help you whether you have a query or think you may have a claim to make on the grounds of internet defamation through the medium of social media.

Areas our social media lawyers are specialised in 

Our social media lawyers have expertise in a wide range of social media issues and act innovatively to solve these issues on behalf of our clients. Such topical issues cover: advising clients on how to use, and the ownership of, social media platforms; licensing, clearance and terms of use for user generated content (UGC); provision of bespoke or standard social media policies to fit the needs of individual clients, advising clients on the development and licensing of games and apps; as well as helping to create digital marketing campaigns via social media and advising on data privacy. 

The range of experience and knowledge we have allows our social media lawyers to respond efficiently and appropriately to the needs of online defamation victims, reducing the amount of damage done by the publication. Advice on what action to take, on reaching a financial settlement or going to court, is also offered by our social media lawyers. 

Why choose Pinder Reaux’s social media lawyers?

Leading London-based social media lawyers at Pinder Reaux are guaranteed to provide you with the best legal advice for making your claim. Our client-oriented approach means that we aim to deliver creative and contemporary services to the highest level of expertise to all of our clients.

If you are seeking advice on how to make a claim, contact Pinder Reaux’s specialist team of social media lawyers today on 020 8252 7373 




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