Solicitors Specialising in Internet Law

Solicitors specialising in internet law at Pinder Reaux

Pinder Reaux are a London-based solicitors with an experienced team specialising in internet law and legal advice for those involved with internet and digital media. There are many areas of common interest between the internet and digital media sectors and other sectors which Pinder Reaux deal with, such as IT/technology, entertainment, media, advertising, publishing and marketing. 


Why it is important to choose solicitors specialising in internet law

Online businesses will share many of the legal issues which are relevant to other industry sectors, but there are legal issues which are specifically applicable to internet and digital media businesses which mean that they should seek the legal advice of solicitors specialising in internet law. Examples of these issues are issues around the use of social media and the wealth of legislation applying to ecommerce.

These issues can be complex, such as website terms and conditions which act as an online contract to mediate, for example, the purchasing of goods or services on ecommerce websites. When setting up a website, it is vital that businesses create terms and conditions which provide the right protection to fit their needs. It will also ensure control over what users are able to do, such as submitting pictures and comments or other content, or interacting with other users.


Services offered by our team of solicitors specialising in internet law

Pinder Reaux’s team of solicitors specialising in internet law work innovatively to stay ahead of the game in order to keep up with media and internet laws that are constantly changing. We have numerous clients with primarily internet-based businesses, including those using their website to sell products or services, web agencies, SEO experts, mobile app designers, developers and designers.

If you would like our team of solicitors specialising in internet law to assist you with a legal issue related to the internet, or your online business needs contracts, please contact Pinder Reaux today on 020 8252 7373.




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