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Notary Public For Businesses

In business not many people enjoy dealing with paperwork but ask any Notary Public what it is like to move a business overseas or expand a business to another country, and they will tell you one thing for sure, that the amount of paperwork which needs to be copied, translated, notarised and certified could reach new heights each time.

Notary Publics routinely deal with certifying and drafting documents for use overseas. However there is a big difference between a Notary Public who simply views themself as a mere administrator and those who have a true and passionate understanding of the urgencies and the types of pressures which being in business generally and in particular being in business abroad, involves.

Each and every one of us at Pinder Reaux’s Notarial department always give special priority to urgent commercial transactions which require overseas documentation, certification of business documents or notarisation of certificates.

We understand that sometimes it could take a bit of time to obtain the documents which are required to be certified and that occasionally there might be a need to have legal documents translated and notarised there and then, and this is why providing a fast and reliable Notary Public service is at the heart of what our Notary Public department does, with a special emphasis on the needs of companies to receive a speedy, accurate and reliable Notary Public Service.

In business time means money, our speed in providing businesses with translation of documents in to all different languages, certification of legal documents and other Notarial services including arranging for legalisation of documents at the Foreign and Commonwealth office and the various embassies and consulates, is at the top of our priorities. However it is the relationships that we develop with our clients which make it possible for us to help them as much as we can in providing notarised documents and certification services at the speed and quality that we do.

We are proud to guarantee you that we will always go out of our way to help you make things happen, and quickly. Corporate organisations, which are in need of legalised documents or notarised certificates receive with Pinder Reaux Notary Public, a Same Day Priority service at any of our Notary Public offices in London and Essex. And if our notary clients require us to come to them – we can do this as well.

Anything, just to make sure that the notarised documents are ready well in time for the signing of the important deal or for the tender for the next big contract.

Speed, reliability and accuracy are the most important factors for our notary public clients and we are happy to provide our clients with what they need (and fast). Call us to receive a Priority Appointment and we will do our utmost to notarise your documents on the same day!

For a priority appointment with our Notary Public call 0208 252 7373 now or fill out the priority call form and we will call you back immediately.

Notary Public For International Adoption

Adopting a child is the probably the most emotional time of your life. If you are adopting a child from abroad, this sensitive and anxious time also becomes a lot more complex as well. International adoptions, or Inter-Country Adoptions as they are more commonly referred to, are not easy processes and involve tremendous amounts of red tape and volumes of paperwork.

As part of the process, you will have to submit to the receiving jurisdiction, a bundle of supporting documents that will have to be notarised including your bank statements, academic records, employment documents, references, GP medical reports.

At Pinder Reaux, we can make sure that this is dealt with smoothly and that some of the stress is alleviated from this process for you. We have handled many inter-country adoptions and are familiar with the requirements of various agencies and receiving jurisdictions. The needs of the notarial certificates and the preparations of the bundles are prepared efficiently and professionally.

For a personal consultation to discuss the notarial aspect of inter-country adoptions, please call 0208 252 7373 or complete the call back form below and one of our team will gladly be in touch.

Overseas Citizen of India

Obtaining an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) status for people of Indian heritage is a popular facility brought in by the government of India and the closest thing to dual nationality!

The main benefit of getting the Overseas Citizen of India is that it is a visa for life.

  1. never again waste any time queuing up at the Indian High Commission to get visas
  2. never again be worried about checking that you still have time left on your visas
  3. never again worry in case you need to travel to India on an emergency basis, God forbid

Now for once and for all you can obtain the Overseas Citizen of India entry and travel to India without any difficulties. Pinder Reaux Notary Public will do all the work for you. For assistance in preparing the application itself, or if you would just like the notarised affidavit to support your application, call us or ask us to call you back by completing the call me back form below.

Purchasing Land In India

The fantastic economy in India is flourishing and more and more of our clients are now searching for land and property investment in India. Predictions are that in the coming years, India’s economy will be one of the leading economies in the world.

Until recently, persons of Indian heritage (ie those born perhaps in the United Kingdom to parents of Indian origin, or those having grandparents of Indian origin), were not allowed to invest in land in India. However now by becoming an Overseas Citizen of India, you are able to invest – there is no longer any restriction.

If you are of Indian heritage and have a British passports –because you might have been born in the United Kingdom or have naturalised (i.e. give up your Indian Citizenship in order to take up British citizenship), then by making an application for an Overseas Citizen of India you can invest in property in India without restrictions. If you have lost your Indian passport or surrendered it to the British authorities when you became naturalised you will need a special notarised affidavit to present to The Indian High Commission.

You can have your affidavit for the Indian High Commission drafted and notarised for a fixed fee of £85 + VAT if applicable. Our affidavit preparation service for affidavits to be presented to the Indian High Commission is quick and highly efficient and can normally be done on the same day!

Certified Translations

Now you can have quick, fast and accurate Certified Translations which will be handled by the same team that will notarise and legalise the translated documents for you.

You will normally need a certified translation of documents if the documents are required for official use abroad in a country where English is not the primary spoken language. Institutions such as universities, schools, insurance companies, government organisations can ask for the relevant documents to be translated and then notarised as being an accurate translation.

We can provide a quick, fast and accurate certified translation and notary service. Email, fax or post us your requirements and we will get the rest done for you. We work directly, and in high volume with the most reputable translators in the UK, so that we can pass on to you our highly preferential rates.

We have access to over 5000 professional translators, many of whom work for the United Nations and foreign embassies in the UK which means that you receive a fast, efficient and accurate service throughout with no worries or running around for you to do and we notarise the documents for you too! Our international translation service saves time, is reliable and highly efficient.

Notary Identification Documents

Identification Documents When Coming To See Your Notary Public.

We try to make the identification process as easy as possible for you and yet comply with all the legal requirements to make sure that the documents we notarise for you, are acceptable all over the world. The quickest way to have your documents notarised is to make sure that you follow the identification guide below and bring with you, to your meeting with our Notary Public original documents. On occasions, you might, for different reasons not have access to the documents below. In such case, tell us about your issue and our Notary Public will work with you to find alternative methods of identification.

For an individual:

  1. Current signed passport; or
  2. Photo-card driving licence; or
  3. Birth Certificate and
  4. For proof of address, a recent gas, electricity or other household bill or bank statement

For companies:

Company searches may be required in support or proof of certain corporate acts. It is required that these are obtained direct from Companies House by the Notary. In addition to personal documentation for the relevant personnel, the documents that we require and which we will download include the following:

  1. Company Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Company Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. Change of Name Documentation
  4. Current Filed Accounts.

Other documents that may be requested from you include:

  1. Power of Attorney
  2. Chamber of Commerce certificate
  3. Board Resolutions
  4. Authorised signatory book (in the case of banks)

Notary Public Fees

  1. Witnessing a signature as Commissioners for Oath – £5
  2. Certifying documents as Notary Public – £67 (Start from)
  3. Hourly Charge – £237

*All charges are exclusive of VAT.

Can I be given a fixed fee?

Yes. Because of the wide variety of documents and circumstances which we deal with on a daily basis, we want to give you a quote which is as accurate as possible and appropriate to your needs. On some occasions, we may ask you to fax or email us copies of the documents which require attention and we will make a quick assessment of the nature and number of the documents and the time that will be involved to complete the work, allowing us to provide you with a fast and accurate quote for our fees.


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